Mother's Day Light Sign and Multi Colour LED Light Base

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Mother's Day Light Sign and Multi Colour LED Light Base

This unique gift for Mother's Day is a light designed with a heart shaped outline and filled with special words for your Mother to tell her how much she is loved comes with a dedicated light base that has the choice of over 10 colours, or a colour cycle sequence and brightness control. Connect it to a USB plug and away you go!

The display itself measures145mm W x 140WW H.

What else can you do with this? Don't worry, we are releasing displays for all year round themes so you can change your light throughout the year, or keep it as the same light. We are releasing designs for Easter, Eid, Diwali, Mother's and Father's Day, Halloween, Dad's Bar, Mum's Kitchen and more! Just asked and we can add to the range to make your light fully versatile.

Why not choose one as a child's nightlight, with their name, or favourite character to help them sleep? Or a corporate logo, to sit on the front desk of an office, or window? Or even to sit on the cake table at a Christening, Baptism, Engagement, Anniversary, Wedding or special Birthday and we can customise it with your names, words, events and fonts to match your stationary!

Just ask if you have any questions especially as our range is growing for annual events.

Our light displays are made from highest grade clear acrylic with the fine design in the surface so that the light shines out, giving a wonderful glow. The base is a light soft wood to suit most furniture.

We design all of our products and so we can modify any design to help you make what you need: names, dates, ages, logo, sporting teams, you name it and we could be shipping yours within a couple of days! Just ask us now!

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