Animal Theme Cookie and Fondant Cutters & Stamps

Llama Alpaca Cookie Cutter and optional Stamp - 2 sizes available! Large: 110mm (h) x 85mm (w) Small: 75mm (h)...
Stegosaurus Dinosaur style #1 - Cookie Cutter and optional Fondant Stamp measures approx. 100mm tall by 75mm wide....
Diplodocus Dinosaur style #2 - Cookie Cutter and optional Fondant Stamp measures approx. 100mm tall by 90mm wide. PYO...
Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur style #3 - Cookie Cutter and optional Fondant Stamp measures approx. 100mm tall by 80mm wide. PYO...
Koala Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 80mm tall by 75mm wide. This Koala design comes with the option...
Kangaroo Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 90mm tall by 110mm wide. This Kangaroo design comes with the option of choosing...
Pusheen Cat Style #1 Cookie Cutter measures approx. 60mm tall by 90mm wide. Also, don't miss our other...
Cat Face Cookie Cutter and Optional Stamp measures approx. 80mm across Our cutter and stamp set is perfect my making cute...
Dog Lion Animal Paw Cookie Cutter set measures approx. 60mm tall by 56mm wide This comes as a...
Schnauzer 2 piece Cookie Cutter and Fondant Stamp measures approx. 100mm tall Our cutter and stamp set is perfect my...
Christmas Koala wearing Singlet Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 80mm tall by 55mm wide. This Koala...
Koala 5 Piece Cookie and Fondant Cutter Set measures approx. 50mm tall by 90mm wide This 5 pieces...

This is our Animal themed area and you’ve come to the right place for high-quality cookie cutters, stamps and embossers with fast response and professional communication.

We are leaders in custom designs with next day turnaround! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Welcome to our store!

Animal shaped cookie cutters – we make things cute and attractive!

What appeals to the eye will surely appeal more to the tummy! 

We all search for creativity in the kitchen and look for ways to make food taste better and look better. 

It's simple to make simple round un decorated cookies, these days people expect more! When it comes to baking and decorating, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of shapes and flavours, which makes the activity an art in itself. At Cookie Cutter Store, Australia, we manufacture and sell cookie cutters and stamps in a diverse range of shapes and sizes to help you have more fun in the kitchen. We can also design and make anything your imagination desires…and all within 24 hours.

A cookie cutter is used to cut shapes in cookie dough or sugar fondant icing. A cookie stamp, or embosser, is used to stamp a design into cookie dough, or fondant after baking to decorate the top. All you have to do is choose the shape you want, place it on the dough then cut and bake!

With Cookie Cutter Store, you can up spec your cookies with stamps or embossers, to provide an endless variety of details to make any image, shape, message or logo for whatever occasion or need you have.

To put a smile on our customers’ faces and help them create more fun and attractive baked treats, we have designed a wide range of new cookie shapes – animals! This new collection includes:

  • Elephant cookie cutter
  • Dinosaur cookie cutter
  • Swan cookie cutter
  • Butterfly cookie cutter
  • Deer cookie cutter
  • Cat cookie cutter
  • Koala cookie cutter
  • Kanagaroo cookie cutter
  • Crocodile cookie cutter
  • And so many more!

We manufacture and stock all kinds of animal shapes and design options when it comes to our cookie cutters, such as playful cartoon designs and more detailed animals. 

Hand cuttering a leaf, flower, heart or any other shape is achievable, but sketching an animal is a tedious task, let alone a logo, font, or image. Not everyone has the skill, expertise or time but everyone can use our tools simply, quickly, efficiently and repeatedly using our animal cookie cutters to ensure the desired and perfect animal cutout every time. 

We aim to inspire a passion for creativity in all of our customers. All animal cookie cutters from our Cookie Cutter Store, Australia, are versatile in size, shape and diverse in use so our customers can integrate their new animal cookie cutter designs into any conceivable environment, edible or not, and enjoy the convenience and freedom of creativity.

The manufacturing of our Australian animal cookie cutters is as creative as our customers. We can custom design animal cookie cutters as per our customers’ requirements, which means we are open to producing your specific ideas for cookie cutters and stamps to introduce a new element of fun to any kitchen.

Another interesting fact about our Australian animal cookie cutters is their 3D design. These products work as a modelling kit, which contains segments of ordinary 2D cookie cutters that can be combined to create an awesome 3D cookie cutter that produces a cut out and an imprint, giving you a biscuit that looks professionally made within a matter of seconds.  

Benefits of using a cookie cutter for your cookies:

  • Attractive designs
  • Artistic imprints
  • Fast and repeatable complex designs, especially known images eg fonts
  • 3D cookies, multi coloured segments
  • Fun and creative process
  • Inexpensive with impressive results
  • Easily cuts intricate details
  • Durable

Our cookie cutters and stamps are flexible and can be used to cut and stamp other items such as fruits, bread, eggs and a lot more. We also regularly supply to model makers, clay modelers, jewelry designers and schools! We have captured the imagination of both kids, parents and teachers with our designs to create a range that is fun for the whole family. Whether you’re a beginner, expert baker & decorator, or product designer, we have the tools you need to make your baking a creative and exciting activity. 

Explore Cookie Cutter Store online to see our growing range and inspire your creativity to ask us to design something specific for you - don’t worry, just contact us, let us know and we will be able to create a customised cookie cutter and stamps just for you.