Superhero Theme Cookie and Fondant Cutters & Stamps

Batman Cookie and Fondant Cutter and Stamp set
Batman Cookie and Fondant Cutter and Stamp set measures approx. 60mm tall by 105mm wide. This set comprises...
Superman cookie cutter and stamp set measures approx. 90mm wide by 67mm tall. This 2 piece set to...
Hulk Fist Cookie and Fondant Cutter and Stamp set measures approx. 90mm tall by 70mm wide. This 2 piece...
Superhero BAM POW ZAP speech bubble cutter measures approx. 70mm tall x 90mm wide Don't miss our full...
Captain America Shield Cookie Cutter and Stamp measures approx. 90mm diameter. Don't miss our other Superhero theme cookie cutters...
Spiderman Cookie and Fondant Cutter and Stamp set measures approx. 90mm tall by 70mm wide. The 2 piece...
Ironman Cookie Cutter and optional Stamp measures approx. 90mm tall by 70mm wide This 2 piece set will help...
Spider-Man Spider Cookie Cutter
Spiderman Spider cookie cutter measures approx. 90mm tall by xxmm wide. Don't miss our other Superhero theme cookie...
Batman Mask Cookie or Fondant Cutter measures approx. 90mm tall by 65mm wide Don't miss our other Batman...
Wonder Woman Logo Stamp measures approx. 70mm diameter Don't miss our Wonder Woman set and other Superhero theme cookie...
Wonder Woman Corset cookie and fondant cutter and optional stamp set measures approx. 80mm tall by 55mm wide...
Punisher cookie cutter measures approx. 90mm tall by 65mm wide. Don't miss our other Superhero theme cookie cutters...
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This is our Superhero themed area and you’ve come to the right place for high quality cookie cutters and embossers with fast response and professional communication.

We are leaders in custom designs with next day turnaround! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Welcome to our store!

Just like your favourite superhero – tough on the outside and sweet on the inside! 

It is difficult to find a single person who doesn’t love cookies. Both children and adults love them in all shapes and sizes, but being able to make them in the shape of something they love is special. If that’s what you’re looking for, we have just the right products for you. 

A lot of children love two things: sweets and superheroes. Why not make cookies in the form of their favourite superhero? The choice of superheroes differs, but we have got you covered. We offer cookie cutters in the shape of your child’s most loved superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman and Wonder Woman. Children go crazy for friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and Wonder Woman and would love to eat their favourite cookies in their shape. 

There are unlimited shapes and sizes available for you to choose from in the superhero department, from their symbols to their avatars. Here are some occasions for which you can surprise the kids as well as enjoy baking and trying something new. 

Kids’ party – Is your child’s birthday coming up? Have you organised a party and now you’re wondering what snacks to make to entertain the guests, or give away as favours at the end? Kids love indulging in sweets and treats while celebrating. Cookies are great because children love them, they’re easy to make and you have unlimited room for creativity in the kitchen. To make sure the party is memorable, you need to do something different. Making cookies in superhero shapes will surely impress and excite guests as well as make your own child feel great. On the other hand, if you need to quickly prepare something for your child’s class party, our cookie cutters will make sure your baking is the talk of the class. 

Kids’ gift – If you are planning to gift your kids something small, fun and creative, our superhero cookie cutter shapes are a great option. We provide the opportunity for you to get together with your child in the kitchen to bake and decorate biscuits in their favourite colours for final results that look as realistic as possible. Kids are drawn to and love working with colours and our cutters and stamps help guide you with the coloured icing decoration on your cookie. 

Santa’s gift – Kids love Christmas and eagerly wait for Santa to visit them with gifts. As per the tradition, you need to leave something for Santa to eat as he might get tired and feel hungry, which is why many families leave cookies and milk near their tree. Kids often want the best types of biscuits left out for Santa, so why not make some in the shape of their favourite superhero? Not only will your child love leaving their favourite type of cookie in the shape of their favourite superhero, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time baking with them in the kitchen, and isn’t that what Christmas is for? It is moments like this that last a lifetime for you and them.

 Apart from being a perfect cheer-up item for kids, cookies are a great welcome gift that can be offered to new neighbours when they move in to make them feel welcomed. There aren’t many things as powerful as a cookie that can change a person's mood from sad to happy in just a single bite.

It is really easy to use our superhero cookie cutters, and anyone can as long as they know how to bake it. Check out our website for our collection of unique designs at affordable prices and make your next batch of delicious cookies in different shapes and sizes. Make each cookie a moment to remember.