Australian Theme Cookie and Fondant Cutters & Stamps

Gum nut and Leaves Cookie Cutter & Emboss Stamp Gumnut and Leaves Cutter is approx. 70mm tall by 100mm...
Australia Map WITH Tasmania Cookie Cutter and Optional State or Aussie Flag Stamp, measures approx. 86mm tall by...
Anzac Day Cutter & Emboss Stamp. Perfect for Anzac themed cookies All profits from this item are donated to a local...
Koala Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 80mm tall by 75mm wide. This Koala design comes with the option...
Kangaroo Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 90mm tall by 110mm wide. This Kangaroo design comes with the option of choosing...
Koala 5 Piece Cookie and Fondant Cutter Set measures approx. 50mm tall by 90mm wide This 5 pieces...
Wattle Leaf Cookie Cutter & Emboss Stamp Wattle Leaf Cutter and Stamp is approx. 100mm long by 47mm wide...
Christmas Koala wearing Singlet Cookie Cutter with optional Stamp measures approx. 80mm tall by 55mm wide. This Koala...
Crocodile Style #2 Cookie Cutter and Optional Stamp measures approx. 30mm tall by 100mm wide. This Crocodile design...
Kookaburra Cookie Cutter & Optional Stamp measures approx. is available in 2 sizes 90mm tall x 75mm wide. Also,...
BBQ Cookie Cutter and Optional Stamp measures approx. 100mm tall by 60mm wide. Be sure to look at...
Palm Tree Cookie Cutter measures approx. 90mm tall by 75mm wide. Be sure to look at our other...

This is our Australian themed area and you’ve come to the right place for high quality cookie cutters and embossers with fast response and professional communication.

We are leaders in custom designs with next day turnaround! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Welcome to our store!

It’s fascinating how cookies and art both go hand in hand.

Every baker craves more opportunity for creativity in the kitchen, and it just happens that cookie cutters are a great way to make their imagination a reality. 

How you decorate your desserts and dishes says a lot about your affection, passion and eye for creativity. So, why restrict your artistry when you could be enjoying a wide range of Australian-themed and -shaped biscuits. 

At Cookie Cutter Store, we stock a wide and diverse variety of cookie cutters that are specially designed to make it easier for you to display your respect, vision and affection towards Australia  through your cooking and talent. 

Along with years of experience and expertise in designing cookie cutters at the Cookie Cutter Store, we aim to motivate, inspire and take your baking creativity to the next level with our diverse range of Australian-themed cookie cutters,

which includes:

  • Koala cookie cutter
  • Kangaroo cookie cutter
  • Emu Cookie Cutter
  • Platypus cookie cutter
  • Watermelon cookie cutter
  • BBQ cookie cutter
  • Australian map with Tasmania cookie cutter
  • Pineapple cookie cutter
  • Palm tree cookie cutter
  • Beach house / beach box cookie cutter
  • And so many others! 

Baking is so much fun! You don't need a reason or special occasion to make cookies for dinner, a picnic snack or a lunch box treat. Baking fun, familiar shaped cookies really gets the mouth watering, especially for children who are always yearning for some colour, texture and fun in their food. 

Use all or any of our decorative and creative Australia cookie cutters to build on your current skills or learn something new. With so much variety, there's no limit to what you can create! 

With our cookie cutter designs, you are not bound to a particular method or food. You can use them to create appealing shapes in fruit, bread and even clay. With 30+ theme-based cookie cutters and growing, we are one of the biggest cookie cutter and stamp providers in Australia supplying cookie cutters and stamps in almost every imaginable shape and theme. Looking for a Christmas-based cookie cutter, baby-themed cookie cutter or anniversary-themed cookie cutter? We've got you covered. 

Our cookie cutter designs are the product of our customers' imagination and inspiration. The more creative you are with your baking and cooking, the more inspired we are to design new cookie cutters. We are always welcoming our customers' custom-made cookie cutter requests, so, if you want a specific cookie shape, please reach out to us to discuss your unique requirements. 

We've got something for everyone, and we are always working within the best of our abilities to design cookie cutter shapes and stamps that make you want to bake for your loved ones. You'll be able to find traditional designs for any occasion or that unique, rare shape you have been looking everywhere for. We have it all. With our range of cookie cutters at Cookie Cutter Store, you can make cookies of any shape, any size, any time! 

Because they can be used for more than just cutting dough, our cookie cutters are made up of fine and strong materials to ensure a long-lasting shape. The most conventional uses for our premium-quality cookie cutters are birthday parties, holiday baking and baby showers. 

However, customers like you have delighted us with projects that put cookie cutters to ingenious, creative uses. How about making unique cookie wedding favours using our cookie cutters and stamps that match the design of the invite or menu, or making sandwiches, pie crust decorations and cheese appetisers in themed shapes? Imagine using our sturdy and dependable cookie cutters as a decorating tool in play doh, pottery, soap making, candle making or stenciling!  Our customers have done it all and more, and we applaud the inventive spirit that is required to view a cookie cutter as a gateway to numerous other creative possibilities. 

Our Australian theme-based cookie cutters cut out your imagination and put it directly on the baking tray and into the hands of your loved ones. We are always working to provide the most suitable and safe cookie cutter design to inspire you in the kitchen and escalate your expertise! 

We are constantly on the lookout for new cookie cutters that facilitate your unusual new projects. So, please, stop by and visit us today and if you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t worry as we can make it for you!