Custom Cookie & Fondant Cutters, Stamps & Embosses

Custom Cookie Cutter for Cookie or Fondant. Any design! We can make any design you need to help you...
Custom Emboss Stamp for Cookie or Fondant. Any design! We can design and make anything you need to...
Custom Cookie Cutter and Matching Emboss Stamp for Cookie or Fondant. Any design! Perfect for Baby Showers, Births, Valentine's...
Miniature Custom Cutter & matching Extractor Tool  Do you need some really small cutter shapes because your design...
“name” is “age word” Birthday Emboss Stamp designed to suit cookies from 70mm The script font shown in the image...
Happy Birthday "name" Emboss Stamp. Any Name, Font - You choose Each stamp comes with a handle on...
Happy Birthday Emboss Stamp suits 70mm cookie Each stamp comes with a handle on the top to help...
"name" is "age number" Birthday Emboss Stamp. Various sizes available Each stamp comes with a handle on the...
Happy "number" Anniversary Emboss Stamp. Simply Choose the required number and we'll do the rest! If you want...
Car Logo Cutter and Stamp - any design Up to 80mm across the widest part of your chosen car brand...
Baby's 1st Tooth cutter and optional Custom stamp (choose your text*) measures approx 80mm high x 60mm wide...
Happy "age number" Birthday Emboss Stamp Each stamp comes with a handle on the top to help with...
Custom Cookie & Fondant Cutters, Stamps & Embosses

This is our Custom Cookie and Fondant Cutter themed area and you’ve come to the right place for high quality cookie cutters and embossers with fast response and professional communication.

We are leaders in custom designs with next day turnaround! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Welcome to our store!

Custom Cookie Cutters

Custom cookie cutters are popular amongst professional bakers just as much as anyone whose day job isn’t Baking or Cake Decorating and are just having some fun creating cookies and cake decorations for their own functions at home, work or a social club for their events. With the ability to quickly design and make almost any idea, supplying these tools to help you make cookies for any occasion is possible and at very short notice.

When it comes to our custom cookie cutters, the number of designs and styles is endless, only limited by your own inspiration! You could choose a simple cutter outline or a stamp with detailed embossing to replicate your desired image, design, font or logo. The cutters and stamps can be used on either cookie dough or fondant to be placed on top, or else to cut and stamp fondant to use to decorate cakes. We also supply our products to schools and artists for clay modelling and jewellery making.

Our custom cookie cutters and stamp in Australia are made to suit our customers' requirements. We work with you to make your idea and theme come alive allowing you to create awesome looking cookies and cakes with ease.

Types of Custom Cookie Cutters

We offer many types of cookie cutters in standard shapes and sizes including round, squares, rectangles, hexagons, hearts and clouds! and any other shape you need for your special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and other special celebrations, all of which can be customised to suit your individual needs. We’ve made designs around a favourite shoe, dress, sports jersey, car, motorbike and animal!

Our custom cookie cutters are also popular around festive occasions with special designs being used to make gifts and products different to the norm. We have a growing range around the most common annual events.

Important Cookie Cutter Facts

  • A cookie cutter is a custom shape cutter that cuts through dough or fondant so you can prepare your favourite cookies or cake decorations or any other item in the shape of your choice including clay, jewellery etc.
  • For an accurate neat shape, you need a super sharp cutting edge which we design into our cookie cutter shape.
  • Our Custom cookie cutters are made using a high tech digital 3D printing process, you can buy home grade printers, however, there is a lot of skill involved in not only the design phase but in the production process to make the final product like ours. It is best to buy one that is professionally made in our online store.
  • The use of custom cookie cutters is not restricted to cookies. They can be used for cakes decorations, clay models, jewellery making as well.
  • It is possible to make creative shapes using multiple cookie cutters of different shapes.

Why Order From Us?

Cookie Cutter Store offers a wide range of high-quality custom cookies cutters and stamps that are made in Australia. We love to bake, innovate and be creative all at the same time, so we provide custom cutters with the option of adding embossing, debossing or stamping to enhance the look of your cookie and cake designs. Additionally, you could choose to order a custom Logo for your business so you can offer some treats to your favourite customers or on special occasions.

No matter what shape, design or size you want, we're here to make your custom cookie cutter and stamp. Our ordering process is swift and simple, and we generally respond immediately to your enquiries and orders!

We will be ready to ship your custom order within 24 hours and depending on the shipping option that you choose, you could be receiving it the next day! We supply custom cookie cutters in Australia as well as the ship to any global destination. Shipping times vary depending on your location and the option you choose.