Decorating Equipment

High Clarity Polypropylene Peel 'n' Seal Bags for completed Cookies - various sizes 100mm x 150mm, 35 micron thickness,...
Upper case Alphabet Letter and Number Stamp kit for Cookie or Fondant This is a kit of upper...
15 Piece Paint Decorating Artists Brush Set for Cookie, Fondant and Cake Decorating These brushes are ideal for painting...
High Clarity Polypropylene Peel 'n' Seal Bags for completed Cookies - various sizes 125mm x 200mm, 35 micron thickness,...
Knife & Blades for Fondant Modelling
Knife with 2 replaceable blades for fondant modelling This sharp knife is ideal for helping cut and model...
High Clarity Polypropylene Peel 'n' Seal Bags for completed Cookies - various sizes 75mm x 180mm, 35 micron thickness,...
6 Piece Paint Decorating Artists Brush Set for Cookie, Fondant and Cake Decorating These brushes are ideal for...
Silicone cookie or fondant rolling, decorating mat - measures 40cm x 30cm.
Silicone cookie or fondant rolling, decorating mat - measures 40cm x 30cm.  Ideal for use with fondant cakes, sugar...
8 piece Cookie and Cake decorating tool kit
8 piece Cookie and Cake decorating tool kit with 16 tool ends to use measures approx. 17cm / 6.7" long....
High Clarity Polypropylene Peel 'n' Seal Bags for completed Cookies - various sizes 150mm x 200mm, 35 micron thickness,...
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Decorating Equipment

This is our area for equipment to help you with decorating your cookies or making and shaping fondant icing. You’ve come to the right place for high quality items with fast response and professional communication.

We have cake, cookie, and sugar fondant decorating equipment from Cookie Cutter Store. We have Alphabet stamp kits, Fondant shaping tools, Silicon mats, Packaging bags, Brushes and more! 

We are leaders in custom cookie cutters and embosses with next day turnaround! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Welcome to our store!

Decorate your cakes and cookies with our tools 

Make your special occasions extra special with beautifully decorated cakes and cookies. If you are looking to decorate a cake to showcase your exceptional skills and impress your friends, family and guests, you should invest in some baking tools. 

Apart from technique and skill, there are so many things required to decorate a cake, such as cake decorating equipment. Without the right tools, decorating a cake can quickly become an overwhelming and messy task. 

With a growing and diverse range of cake decorating equipment at Cookie Cutter Store, we are the largest provider of cookie cutters in the country. This range of cookie cutter shapes includes koala cookie cutters, kangaroo cookie cutters, platypus cookie cutters, BBQ cookie cutters, and so many more. If you hadn't noticed already, all of these shapes were designed to follow an Australian theme. 

Moreover, we also stock an array of cake and cookie decorating equipment, including fondant shaping tools, poly bags for packaging and more! Apart from these we also supply a wide range of specially themed cookie cutters and stamps and can custom make any shape and design. 

So, if you are in need of a custom-shaped cookie cutter or are looking for the tools needed to decorate your cake, contact us today! 

Different Types of Cake Decorating Tools 

Piping Bags

Piping bags are a must-have when decorating a cake with icing. You can use piping bags to make flowers or shell patterns on your cake. To make sure you pipe out the frosting in a specific shape, you need to insert a piping tip of the right size and shape so that the frosting is easy to control. 


As mentioned earlier, a tip for your frosting bag is needed to decorate your cake. These frosting bag tips come in a range of different sizes, styles and are made from various materials, such as metal or plastic. 

The size and shape of the hole will determine what kind of pattern can be created and how much frosting comes out at once. While some tips come with very minute holes ideal for fine-detail work, there are tips with big holes that make it easy to create large flowers or designs. 

Cake Turntable

Being able to rotate your cake when decorating makes everything easier. With the help of a turntable, you can use one hand to smoothly turn the cake and the other to decorate while enjoying a continuous stream of frosting without breaking the flow. 


Spatulas are typically used to get your icing out of the mixing bowl to pour into piping bags. Without a spatula, you will find it difficult to get all of your frosting out of the bowl and may end up wasting a considerable amount. Spatulas can also be used to mix food colouring into your icing and ensure it is fully incorporated or apply it neatly to the surface of a  cake. 

Cutting Mat

When cutting fondant, it is better to use a mat than your counter or chopping board. Cutting mats are designed to make sure the fondant doesn't stick and can be easily moved around the kitchen or even put it in the refrigerator without any risk of becoming misshapen. 

You can also use a cutting mat to store any intricate designs that need to firm up a little before being used to decorate a cake. 

Gum Paste Tools

If you want to make gum paste flowers or any other shapes, we offer gum paste tools in our store to make cake decorating as easy as possible. Gum paste tools comprise of a few different types of tools, such as petal cutters, which are ideal for cutting uniform flower petals or leaves, or veining tools and ball tools that are used to spread out leaves and petals to give them a more realistic and natural look. 

Apart from that, there is a ball tool which can be used to ruffle the edges of the gum paste so that it looks textured for your cake, or cookie decorations. 

Packaging Bags

Of course, when your job is done, you need to carefully protect them for display and transportation. We can supply a wide range of Poly bags that are recyclable and come with a handy a peel and seal lip resealable flap. They are also suitable to be heat sealed if you need to preserve your cookies for a longer time and they need to stay fresh as the day they were baked.