Vizyon Fondant Sugar Paste - Fuschia

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Product Description

Vizyon Fondant Sugar Paste - Fuschia

Product Features;

– Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal
– No colour transfer
– Humidity resistant
– Provides increased elasticity
– Longer working time
– Pliable and takes on shapes quickly

At Cookie Cutter Store, we use this fondant to test all of our cookie cutters, stamps and in particular, our raised stamps (debossers) where we find this fondant is very easy to use to create a quick and awesome result.

Vizyon Fondant Sugar Paste is a Ready to Roll (RTR) fondant with a flexible and easy rolling structure in a convenient 250g & 1kg sized pack. Providing increased elasticity, it will effortlessly cover cakes and cookies with a smooth, satiny surface.

Gluten-free, vegan and halal certified, Vizyon fondant is made to suit any requirement.

Soft to work with and providing a smooth finish, it will put an end to unsightly elephant-skin issues. Plus, with a longer working time, it provides the flexibility for managing your time in preparation and coating cakes, with added freedom to incorporate intricate detail to your cakes or figurines. Being pliable, it will take on shapes quickly while also holding designs in cake ornaments. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks as Vizyon Fondant will stretch around the corners of your cakes with ease.

Vizyon Fondant contains a subtle vanilla taste, that won’t overpower the flavour in your cakes. Best of all, you’ll find it has no colour transfer, making it so easy to work with. Mix the fondant colours together to create your own colour range or, with the ability to take on powder colouring you can create exactly the colour you need.

Being humidity resistant, Vizyon Fondant allows you to decorate a cold cake after coating with minimal condensation. Perfect for use in the Australian environment and climate

In fact, Vizyon Fondant is the choice for 3D cake making. Plus, by remaining softer it is fantastic for covering and embossing on cookies leaving them looking great and easy to eat!

Available in a range of 16 colours to choose from, you are sure to find the right fondant for your cookie, cake and sugar modelling needs.

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